Our Pricing

Free during beta and special discounts for beta participants when we go live


Per Month

  • 100,000 Records
  • 1,000,000 Operations
  • 50 Datastores
  • Basic Analytics
  • Forum & Email Support

Per Month

  • 1,000,000 Records
  • 10,000,000 Operations
  • 100 Datastores
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Forum & Email Support
  • Chat support

Per Month

  • 5,000,000 Records
  • 50,000,000 Operations
  • 250 Datastores
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Forum & Email Support
  • Chat & Phone Support
  • Analytics API
Coming Soon

Per Month

  • Unlimited Records
  • Unlimited Operations
  • Unlimited Datastores
  • Unlimited Analytics
  • Forum & Email Support
  • Chat & Phone Support
  • Analytics API
  • Monitoring API

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a datastore?

A datastore is a collection of records or JSON objects of similar kind.

What is a record?

A record is a single JSON object that needs to be indexed.

What is an operation?

An operation is either adding, updating or deleting a record from a datastore. Each search performed on a datastore counts towards an operation. When a multi-search is performed on a single or multiple datastores, the number of unique queries will count towards the operation limit.

Who owns the data?

You own your data! We index the data for giving you the best search experience possible. You are free to export your data at any time, clear your datastores and backups.

What about replicas and ranking strategies?

Searchera supports on the fly ranking. You do not require replicas and you choose how to rank your data at configuration time or query time on any field of your choice.

What is the maximum number of unique records that I can store?

Store as many records as per your plan. On the fly ranking ensures that you need not duplicate your records in multiple replicas. You can rank on any number of fields with no restrictions.

What if I go over the limit?

You will be charged a small fee based on your plan of choice. More information regarding our competitive pricing will be available soon.