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Let us give you a demo on a host closest to your location and explain the various features of Searchera.

We will then build a personalized demo for your data upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a personal demo?

Our beta servers are currently located in New York. To actually experience Searchera at its best, hosting our demo on a server closest your location is necessary.

What is a personalized demo?

Let one of our engineers email / call you and understand your requirements. We will build a demo with simulated or real data to give you a feel of the Searchera experience.

How will I be contacted?

Our initial contact will be through an email and once we arrive at a time comfortable for you, we can either call your or chat on a platform of your choice for the demo.

Any other options?

If you are company located in and around the San Francisco bay area, we can visit you in person for the demo.

I already have a website / app, can my demo be personalized for that?

Yes of course! Please let us know the URL once we contact you regarding the demo. We will build a demo which resembles your website and meets your requirements.