Our Features

Searchera makes 'lightning speed, relevant search' simple.  
Ultra-fast, reliable, scalable and secure platform for all your search use cases.   


Search Empowered ...

Blazing fast

Custom built, highly optimized back-end written in 'C' to ensure super fast responses for your search.

Scalability and High availability

Raft powered consistent replication, which is rack aware and data center aware for best in class reliability.


Always secure data transfer to clients and for replication between search servers to ensure utmost privacy.

Simple Onboarding

Create datastores and add JSON records. Automatic schema, type detection and real-time indexing makes updates a breeze.

Create Datastore

Create datastores using dashboard, CLI, REST API or using libraries in your language of choice

Upload JSON records

Upload and update JSON records anytime.  Schema and type is automatically detected 


Specify fields that need to be indexed and faceted


Search using one of our libraries or directly using REST API

Ranking without limits

Highly customizable, yet simple ranking ensures the right results for your search.  Search fields, priority and ranking can be modified on the fly at query time without use of replicas and prebuilt indexes.  

Choose between classic TF-IDF ranking or a modern tie breaking approach

Order or sort based on any indexed field in any direction on the fly

Rank based on business data and personalize results based on user specific data

Search Helpers

Search data and input is not always perfect.  A good search experience requires a flexible platform without limits.  

Automatically handle various quirks.  Get the best results every keystroke.

Typo correction and prefix search

Prefix search with typo correction to give relevant results from the first keystroke

Synonyms and Plurals

Specify synonyms ('iphone', 'android', 'smartphone') and handle plurals ('feet', 'foot') with ease

Adjacent word, split word

Search for concatenated words and split words ('setup', 'set up') to ensure nothing is missed